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Updated: May, 2020

Terms and Conditions

General terms and Conditions

  • Shipments are scheduled monthly in both ways. Additional dates can be scheduled by shipper. It is a right of Shipper to reschedule date of scheduled shipment, but no more than 3 days before or after the scheduled date. We will collect your consignment at the confirmed address in confirmed time. You can also deliver your consignments for collection to a pre-arranged place. Price for shipment is always set up by Shipper. All shipment fees are to be paid prior to shipment, unless the parties agree otherwise. Consignment must not contain Alcohol, Tobacco, Medicines and Forbidden Substances. It is a right of the Shipper to refuse deliver consignment containing those. A maximum weight of one parcel is 35 Kg. As per oversized consignment heavier than 50Kg, sender must organize helping hand for loading and unloading.

Parcels Shipping

  • To deliver a parcels, all consignments must be compact, standard sized and packaged securely and sufficiently for transportation (e.g. Box, Luggage), carriable by one person. A minimum delivery price for parcels is ā‚¬35. A maximum weight of one parcel is 35 Kg. It is sender' responsibility to use a suitable protective cover (box etc...). It is sender's responsibility to make sure consignment doesn't contain forbidden substances.

Pet Shipping

  • Shipping of Pets and its price is a subject to agreement between shipper and pet owner, considering size and weight of pet, dimensions of shipping cage etc. Pet's Passport and all relevant documents are required. Only pets in proper shipping cage may be shipped. Dogs must have leash and muzzle. Pet's food for every day of the journey is a must.

Bicycles and Motorbikes Shipping

  • Shipping of bikes is a subject to agreement between shipper and owner, considering shipper's capacity for the scheduled date. It is a right of shipper to take a photo or video documentation of bike prior to shipment.

TV and other EE shipment

  • All TV and other electrical equipment must be shipped in suitable protective cover (box).
  • If the TV's or other electronic goods are not packed properly, transport provider can not ensure safe transportation, hence the insurance doesn't cover the damages. In this case the customers are sending these at their own risk.

Oversized Consignments Shipping

  • Shipping of Oversized consignment and its price are subjects to agreement between shipper and pet owner. It is sender's responsibility to make sure consignment has proper protective cover suitable for shipment.


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